Friday, July 8, 2011

Jamica Underwear Run 2011 race review

Leading up to the NYC triathlon, they have a few fun events to get people psyched up.  There is a diaper derby at the expo and a doggy dash the morning of the race.  On the Friday before the race they do their annual underwear run.  It is 1.7 mile fun run with a few hundred people running through Central Park in their underwear.  Considering the fact that most people are super fit triathletes, it is a fun event for spectators, too.

Not wanting to run through the city in my underwear by myself I roped my friend Danny and my roommate Krystal into doing the race with me.   The race is free and there is no bib so anyone can run.  But you are supposed to sign up in advance.  You do have to be registered to use the baggage check.  Since I was not planning on walking over to the park in my underwear I registered us online. 

Danny and I decided that we were not exactly in great underwear shape.  So rather then be self-concious we decided to go to a bar first and have a few drinks.  After downing a few margaritas, I was ready and did not really care that I would be in the middle of a very crowded public place in my underwear.  

Krystal decided to meet us in the park.  Since we were finishing our drinks we were running a little late.  She kept texting me asking where we were because she was "ready to get naked" but had to wait for me to check her clothes.  When we got to the park we found Krystal.  I went up to the registration table to check in.  As soon as the guy handed me the ticket to check our bags, Krystal dropped her pants.  The guy smiled and said "wow I was in the right place at the right time."

I had decided on a pair of Superman boyshorts and a matching sports bra.  Krystal had on a sport bra and a pair of red and black lace-trimmed cheekie panties.  I had warned her that they frown on thongs for the race.  So she went "more conservative."  Danny had a pair of grey boxer briefs.  

Our friends came to the park to "cheer us on and take pictures for us."  That or laugh at us in our underwear.  

The Naked Cowboy, of Times Square fame, was the grand marshall for the event.  We got a few pictures with him.  While we were taking pictures the announcer overheard Danny tell the girl we asked to take a picture of us  to "wait I'm not sucking in."   The announcer found him amusing and asked him if she should be sucking in.  She then decided to interview us.  She asked why we decided to do the race and Krystal announced that "I'm a nudist."  I  said that this was actually a lot of clothing for her to be wearing.  The announcer was not expecting that response.  She said "so basically wearing anything over underwear is just consider layering for you" and not a necessity.

We walked to the start and ended by right in the front.  The first picture of this post is the official picture from the race.  You can see Krystal and I right behind the "I". 

The race:
They blew the horn and we were off.  It was definitely interesting to see the look on people's faces.  There were a lot of random people in the park not expecting people in their underwear to run by.  Most people were like "what the hell is going on?"  I saw one woman taking horse-drawn carriage ride who was shocked.  She was trying desperately to cover her kids eyes.  

As we were running, we noticed a group of men run up behind us.  I heard them say to each other, "This is good pace.  Yeah, let's just stick with this pace."  When Krystal and I turned around, they smiled at us and said that we were "going to let us win."   I think they were just enjoying the view of Krystal's butt.  

Danny took off on his own.  He runs a lot faster than me and I think he saw a cute guy he wanted to chase after.  

When we came up to the finish line, since I was drunk, I decided to cheer.  I threw my hands up and screamed.  After when I was reading an article online about the race, I saw this picture of me and Krystal.  I think it was captioned something like "a runner celebrates as she approaches the finish."    

It was a fun race.  I was happy to check "run through NYC in my underwear" off my bucketlist.  After the race we put our clothes back on and met the rest of the gang for dinner.