About Me

I am dentist, living in New York City.  I run to help keep myself sane.  I love to travel.  I’m always up for trying a new adventure.  I run for fun definitely not worried about getting a PR every race.  I’m working on doing a half or full marathon in all 50 states.
I started running in 2009.  I had always been really active in high school and college.  I danced competitively (ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap, etc) and played several sports.  But when I started dental school and had little free time, I quickly got out of shape.  After graduating, I hired a personal trainer and got back down to my fighting weight.  But I was still lacking some motivation.  I needs some goals to work towards.  The guy I was dating at the time convince me to train for a half marathon.  The relationship did not last, but the running stuck.  That year I ran 7 half marathons and qualified for the ING New York City marathon in 2010.
In 2010, I ran my first marathon in New Zealand.  A friend convinced me it would be good “training” for the New York Marathon.  I was opening a new practice at the time and did not have much time to train.  It was a difficult experience because I was undertrained, but it motivated me to train hard for New York.  When I was training for New York I swore I would never do another full marathon.  The second I crossed the finish line, it all changed.  I am currently training for my 7th and 8th full marathon and have done 20 odd half marathons.

I love to travel.   I have a pretty long bucket list of places I want to visit.  I did not even owe a passport until I was 29.  The guy was dating (different guy) was shocked that I was almost 30 and I did not have a passport.  I explained that I have only been to Canada, Mexico, and the Carribean, which prior to 2010, you did not need a passport to travel to.  He encouraged me to get a passport because what would I do if he wanted to whisk me away to a foreign country at a moments notice?  There was no whisking, but in 2009 I planned my first big trip aboard.  I decided to do the Inca trail to Machu Picchu for my 30th birthday.  My best friend from dental school (aka partner in crime Adriane) came with me.  It was an amazing trip and on that trip I was definitely bitten by the travel bug.

I am want-to-be photographer.  I just invested in an SLR camera, and I try not to miss an opportunity to try it out.  I am not a big fan of collecting stuff but my pictures I treasure.  A picture to help capture the moment and solidify the memory is always the best souvenir to bring home.  I love do photo safaris in the cities I travel to to get pictures of public art, statues, and anything else I find interesting.  I often try to work in a photo-op with a random road side attraction into a road trip.   
Pro Oxygen?!  It is an informal running club started by my dear friend Donna.  We meet the night before the 2010 NYC marathon.  My roommate at the time told me that when she was on vacation in Mexico, she meet a women who lived in NY who was also running the marathon.  Nichole told me, she invited this woman to my pasta party.  I figured the more the merrier, but did not really expect her to show.   She ended up stopping by because she was in the neighborhood buying sneakers.   It turned out we were in the same corral and it just seemed like we had a connection.  

She was trying to start a club she called Pro Oxygen.  The club got its name because one day when she was running with some friends one of the girls felt the need to apology for “breathing too loud.”  She responded by saying not to worry “it's ok, I’m definitely Pro Oxgen”  and the name stuck.
It started as a running club but it has become so much more.  Last year, my friend tragically lost her husband.  He drown while they were on vacation in Maine.  Suddenly,  Pro Oxygen started to applied to her daily life.  She found herself finding the need to remind herself to breathe on a daily basis.  When you lose someone close to you unexpectedly, your whole world turns upside down.  A lot of mundane things become overwhelming, the world becomes a scary place,  and you develop new fears.  But we would just tell her no matter what just remember to breath.  Don’t worry. You will get through this.

Her husband was the lead singer for a rock band in the New York City music scene.  He was truly a rock star.  Now every race we raise the "devil horns" in honor of Harry when we cross the finish line.  Because we know he is always watching over us from above:)  We will always love and miss you, Harry!  
So now Pro Oxygen is about all the moments in life that take your breath away.  Good or bad, those are the moments in life that help you grow and the ones you really remember.  Running, biking, hiking, triathlons, travel.  Our motto is that if you are not breathless and sweaty by the time you are done, it is no fun!