Sunday, October 27, 2013

Marine Corps Marathon Race Review 2013

The Marine Corps Marathon has been on my bucket basically since I started running marathons.  The course is really scenic because you run by the National Mall with all the monuments, plus there are good looking marines all along the course.  Also I had seen their medal at an expo for another race and I knew I would have to have it.  I heard that in 2012 the race sold out in under 3 hours.  I realized that I had to do this race soon because eventually they will have to make it a lottery and it will be harder to get into.   There is also have a 10k run along with the marathon and an informal 5k the day before the race.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

ING Hartford Half Marathon 2013 race review

This fall I am training for 2 marathons, the Marathon Corps and NYC marathons.  I looked at my training schedule and saw that I would need to start tapering the second week of October. My training schedule stated that I had to only do a 13 mile run that weekend, so I figured I could get one more half marathon in before the Marine Corps Marathon.  I was hoping to check off another state and I found the ING Hartford half marathon in Hartford, CT.  They offer a marathon, half marathon, marathon relay, and 5k.  Starting at 9:30 am, they also have a kids K, which is a series of races from 50 yd to a mile.  I, of course, opted for the half marathon.  

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Grete's Great Gallop Half Marathon race review 2013

Grete's Great Gallop is a NYRR half marathon that is run Central Park every year in October.  The course is a simple 2 loops (+ a little more) of Central Park.  Not the most exciting course but since it occurs 3 weeks before the NYC marathon, a lot of people use it as a training run.  Donna, Kanaka, and I had scheduled to do a 20 mile run that weekend.  So we planned to run the race then do an extra loop of the park to get our mileage in.    

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rock 'n' Roll Providence half marathon 2013 race r...

Since we are training for our fall marathons, we decided to schedule a few half marathons to use as training runs.  The Rock 'n' Roll Providence half marathon was on September 29, 2013.  We picked this race to check Rhode Island off our list of the states.  Also when you run more than one Rock 'n' Roll race you get extras medals.  Having run the Philly race 2 weeks ago, Providence would earn us our "rock encore" medal.  Being the medal whores we are, we were sold on the idea.