Thursday, December 31, 2009

Emerald Nuts Midnight Run 2009/2010

In order to ring in the New Year I decided to do the Emerald Nuts Midnight run in Central Park.  It is a 4 mile fun run held in every year at the turn of midnight on December 31st.  There are fireworks in the park as well.   

My friend Nichole and I had planned to do the race.  My friend Danny decided that he wanted to do the race as well so he signed up.  The night of the race Nichole decided not to run.  So I headed out to meet Danny in the park. 

Packet pick-up:

Packet pick-up is at NYRR headquarters.  Everyone gets a long sleeve cotton t-shirt and a knit hat. 

The race:
I met up with Danny after checking  my heavy coat at baggage check.  I think I had on about 3 or 4 layers under that.  I liked that knit hat because it was pretty chilling that night.  The temperature was right above freezing, but once we got moving it was not too bad. 

They line the runners up on the 72nd st transverse.  Everyone counts down to midnight in their corral.  At the stroke of midnight, they launch the fireworks and that starts the race.  The course is a counter clock-wise loop run up the east side of the park across the 102nd st transverse then down the westside back to the 72nd st transverse.  At the halfway point, they had sparkling cider for you to toast the new year. 

I lost Danny with the first mile.  He runs a lot fast than me.  He had his grinder app on.  Grinder is an dating app on the IPhone that let's gay men find other single gay men who are nearby.   I think he got a hit on someone cute and he took off.  We met back up after I finished.  We got our coats and went back home.  After a quick shower, I met up with some friends for a drink. 

It was a fun night.  I am not a big fan of going out on New Year's Eve in New York.  You end up spending twice as must to go a to bar you can go any other night of the year.  This was a nice change, something different to do for New Year's Eve.